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Public tenders

Academic papers

Press releases

Policy documents




COVID response


In view of the current health care system challenges, we have assigned more resources to the following 3 areas of translation work:

Business survival and adaptation

All legal matter intended to embrace the current developments and future business paths, including:

- renegotiation of agreements

- force majeure procedures

- alternate financing options

- insurance settlements

- business transformation

Medical research

Papers are usually lengthy and rich with specialised terminology.

The nature of the content makes them also highly sensitive to typical translation errors that could lead to human drama and legal consequences if not managed early enough.

We apply our proprietary Triple-Check technology to provide you with high-quality translations that need little post-editing.

When you intend to put your own research into English, we customise the translation process so as to accommodate your specialists and experts for quick consulting. Table, chart, and image overwriting support will produce the final version at print-ready quality.

You may expect our basic daily workload of 5000 words of real human translation. Document versioning, building blocks, on-the-fly revisions, conference streamlining, and press release adaptations are the options that are available whenever you need them.

COVID-19 medical resources

The body of specialised knowledge has been rapidly increasing to cover the observable outcomes. Some texts are purely informative, other feature inspiring medical findings of use to other researchers.

These findings are published in papers, both peer-reviewed and submitted for the proper assessment process. We will quickly provide you with translations of abstracts, reviews of conclusions, or complete published studies, including supporting materials.


Extraordinary situation requires extraordinary approach:

- we are open 24/7

- wherever possible, we charge standard rates only

- delivery time will fit your timeline

- overnight translation always available

- 'in 5 minutes' translations available in emergencies

- we are ready to learn unique aspects of your activities

- simple financial and invoicing arrangements for key clients

- preparing documents for multi-language production